If you are interested in becoming a Notary Public, we encourage you to take one of the Notary Preparation classes before you sit for the exam.  In Louisiana, you are not required to take a class, but you are required to pass the examination and it should be noted that the majority of the participants fail on their first attempt, and given the subject matter, we strongly suggest that you actively pursue the opportunity to study in an organized educational setting.

The information provided below comes from the Louisiana Secretary of State and is presented as a service to anyone wishing to learn how to become a Notary Public.  You are encouraged to visit the Secretary of State's Web site. .


How to Become a Notary
Any resident citizen or alien of the state, eighteen years of age or older, may be appointed a notary public in and for the parish in which he resides provided that he meets the requirements established by law, La.R.S.35:191(C).

Notary applicants must be qualified by the office of the Secretary of State and must take and pass the state notary examination unless they are licensed to practice law in Louisiana.  The examination is given twice a year on the first Saturday in June and December.

How to Qualify
The applicant is required to complete an Application to Qualify in which La.R.S.35:191 requires the applicant to: attest to his good moral character, integrity and sober habits, be registered to vote in the parish in which he seeks commission, be a citizen or resident alien of the state and be 18 years of age or older.

How to Apply to Take the Exam
Once you have completed the Application to Qualify, you can apply to take the state notary examination by filling out the Examination Registration Form. The Application to Qualify and Examination Registration Form must be approved by the office of the Secretary of State. The deadline to get your Application to Qualify and Examination Registration Form to the office of the Secretary of State is 45 days prior to the exam. 

New Applications

  1. Qualifying Application completed and notarized with a $25 qualifying fee (separate from commission filing fee).

  2. Examination Registration Form along with $75 registration fee (separate fee).
    Once an applicant has taken and passed the examination, the following documents must be filed with the Secretary of State's office along with the $35 commission filing fee, in order to receive their notary commission:

  3. Two (2) Original Oaths of Office, properly executed. Send one (1) to Secretary of State and file one (1) with parish Clerk of Court.

  4. Official Signature page.

  5. Surety or Personal surety bond that has been approved by the parish Clerk of Court in the amount of $10,000. 


    Errors and Omissions policy in the amount of $10,000.


    Attorneys provide an original certificate of good standing from the Louisiana Supreme Court (504-310-2300) issued within the past 30 days. Attorneys do not have to file a notary bond.

  6. $35 commission filing fee - check or money order (payable to the Secretary of State). 

    Note: Completed documents should be mailed to the Secretary of State's office for filing.  * Attorneys are excluded from #2 *


How to Prepare for the Examination
(Louisiana Notary Public Examination Official Study Guide) is available to purchase by completing the Notary Public Study Guide Order Form. You can purchase the book by fax, email, or mail.

No course or class is required by law in order for you to take the examination, but we suggest you take a good course or join a good study group. Although the Secretary of State does not recommend particular courses or instructors, we maintain the list of registered and bonded notary exam preparatory course providers.

All information and forms can be obtained on the Louisiana Secretary of State  Web site.



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